2019 Summer Wedding Hair Trends

Your big day is just around the corner and it’s important that everything be as perfect and as beautiful as you deserve. We understand how important it is for everything to be just right, from shoes and the dress (of course) to makeup and hair. For the fashion-conscious lady, the wedding day is an opportunity to create gorgeous constructions with her lustrous hair that will make her the envy of all her guests.

Let’s take a look at some of the hottest wedding hair trends of summer 2019. Whatever your personal style and taste, whatever your wedding concept, we’re sure you’ll find the perfect look for you...

The classic bun

Going for a timeless, classic look to complement your traditional wedding? The chic, classic bun is making a comeback this year. It’s a subtle and complementary look that helps draw attention to your gorgeous dress and makeup.

Soft waves

For the bride who favours a more informal look, the soft wave (or tousled) look is an understated look that photographs beautifully. It looks effortless and perfect for those who like their looks natural and low-maintenance. Your guests will think you just woke up that way!

The messy updo

Can’t decide to wear your hair up or down? Torn between a traditional look or something more natural? The messy updo offers you the best of both worlds. Popularised by Meghan Markle on her big day it’s a gorgeous and flattering look on anyone.

Bridal braids

The great thing about bridal braids is that they can be as unique as the bride herself. They can be dressed with anything from pearls to flowers and are as stunning on a traditional, classical bride as a bride who prefers a more boho style.

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