Planning Your Wedding Hair Style

Nottingham wedding hairdresser

Your wedding day is a day you will always look back on and it is likely your home will be filled with photos from your special day, which is why finding a wedding hairstyle that will flatter you and make you feel amazing for the whole day is so important. 

Here is some of the advice that I offer to the brides I work with to achieve the perfect look for their big day.


It’s a good idea to start experimenting with different hairstyles in the run-up to your wedding day to see how you feel throughout the day with each style. I would advise to not try anything drastic such as cutting your hair a lot shorter or changing the colour dramatically until you are certain it is what you want for your big day look. It’s always useful to begin researching and collecting images you like first. 


Once you have a small bank of photos you like, take them along to your hairdresser to trial them professionally. You should also think about the time of year you’re getting married and how the light and weather will affect your hair – do you prefer to have it tied back and not in the way? Or would some sun-kissed highlights and loose waves suit your wedding? 


Your dress is such a big part of your wedding which is why you need to ensure your hair suits your dress. Are you opting for a high neckline or lace sleeves? Is your dress long and flowing or fitted and restrictive? Each aspect will dictate whether you should have an up-do or down, an accessory or if it will allow for something uniquely individual.

Ultimately, you have to ensure that you love your hairstyle yourself, as feeling comfortable and confident on your wedding day is the most important thing. If you are looking for the right hairstylist for your big day I am based in Nottinghamshire with my private hair salon, but travel across the UK and beyond to provide a mobile hairdressing service for weddings. Get in touch.

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