OLAPLEX - Prevent Damage, Repair Hair

What Is Olaplex?

You’ve probably heard about this super popular hair treatment before. From your stylist recommending it, to reading about it in magazines and all the celebrities obsessing over it, Olaplex is kind of a big deal. But, what exactly is it? Olaplex is essentially a hair bond builder. You know when you receive a chemical hair service (root touch-up, balayage, keratin treatments..) and afterwards you spot some frizzies? It can even occur after blow drying or curling your hair. Completely normal, it happens. Frizz, split ends and breakage are all a result of broken bonds that are caused by these chemical, thermal and mechanical services we put our hair through. Olaplex is a 3 step system specifically designed to restore these broken bonds and prevent future breakage. Not only does it internally help your hair, it has some great external benefits too!


Three Step System

The 3 step system starts in the salon; your stylist will add in No.1 Bond Multiplier to your colour to start the process of rebuilding your damaged locks. It also helps to protect the hair all throughout your colour service. After shampooing the colour out, No. 2 Bond Perfector is next up! Think of this step as a normal hair treatment; No.2 is applied at the sink and left on for a minimum of 5-10 minutes. This step furthers the repairing and restores any remaining broken bonds. No.3 Hair Perfector is where you take things into your own hands! This little bottle goes home with you. No.3 is an at-home hair treatment (not to be confused with conditioner) to be used in between your colour services as an upkeep.

Benefits of Olaplex

So, now that you know what Olaplex is and how it’s used you have to be curious as to WHY so many people (stylists and their clients) love it! Some of the benefits of Olaplex include:

  • If you’re a balayage queen or have highlights for days, Olaplex rebuilds your hair from the inside out. The structure, strength and integrity of your hair are all compromised during these chemical services and Olaplex reverses this damage. Long, strong, healthy hair!

  • Your hair gets super shiny! And it feels great.

  • You have softer, healthier, smoother hair after a COLOUR treatment! No more crunchy, gooey or broken hair feelings.

  • It lessens breakage.

  • Your split ends will be a thing of the past.

  • Say goodbye to your frizzy, dry hair because Olaplex tames the frizz and keeps the flyaways at bay.

Say Yes to Olaplex

The next time your stylist recommends this essential add-on, give it a try! If you’ve always shied away from lightener, Olaplex will be your hair insurance, allowing you the strongest, healthiest hair!

james White