How to Tame the Frizz

How to Tame the Frizz

Frizz. We all have it. Curly, textured, short, wavy, long and straight hair are all susceptible to it. One minute you’re enjoying your voluminous, bouncy blow-out, the next, you step outside and your hair turns into a hot mess. But, what exactly is frizz? And, can it be prevented? Do those anti-frizz products actually work? Today we’re answering these questions and sharing some tips and tricks on how to fight the frizz and tame the flyaways so you can enjoy your silky, smooth ‘do.

What Is Frizzy Hair?

Frizz is hair that’s tangled, broken, or snapped. It happens when the outermost layer of your hair shaft, the cuticle, is raised and moisture enters, creating that fuzzy frizzy effect. It can be caused by a number of different things but mainly it has a lot to do with the outside environment and damage caused by heat and chemical treatments. Even though we can't control the humidity, we can take steps in our daily hair care routine to help treat and prevent the dreaded frizz.

During Your Shower

Try using hair products formulated without nasty sulfates and parabens. These common additives strip your hair of its natural oils. Less oil = less moisture which in turn will cause frizz. Try shampooing once or twice a week or if that scares you, every other day so you’re not drying your hair out. Conditioner on the other hand is always a yes! Look for one that’s hydrating and with added oils like coconut or shea for a power packed moisturizer. Focus in on your hair shaft vs. your roots to get the most out of your conditioner. Adding in a targeted treatment at least once a week, like a mask, is also a great idea. Look for one that strengthens and smoothes your hair from the inside, out.


One of the most important things to reduce frizz when styling your hair is to let it dry! Your hair should be between 70-85% dry before you even think about whipping out your hair dryer! When it is time to blow dry, try a primer before you add the heat. Think of a hair primer like your face primer; it’s prepping the hair for heat styling and protecting it from any environmental factors, like humidity! If you can, use a diffuser on the end of your blow dryer and try using it on the lowest heat setting. Always blow dry your hair down the shaft so you’re not opening, or “ruffing up”, the cuticle.

Frizz Free Maintenance

Need a few tips for maintaining your newly frizz free, smoothed out ‘do? Meet your new best friend, dry oil spray! Dry oil sprays are great for using on dry hair to condition, smooth and refresh your tresses if you happen to get caught in the rain or it’s a really humid day. Another great product? Try making a leave-in conditioner a mainstay in your hair care routine and you’ll kiss your frizzy hair goodbye! A good leave-in conditioner detangles, softens, prevents and reduces flyaways and frizz. Look for one that will lock in moisture, while still being lightweight. And last but certainly not least, think about adding a shine serum to your hair care arsenal. Grab a serum formulated with the ultra-nourishing argan oil to smooth, soften and add shine to your tired out tresses. Spritz a bit onto your hands and really focus it on your dried out ends to get the best results from your shine serum!

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