Healthy Hair from Within

Not a day goes by as you’re scrolling through your feed that you don’t come across a beauty guru or health nut gushing about their new favorite supplement. Whether it helps with weight loss, breakouts or hair growth, we’ve all seen them. Who doesn’t want a flatter tummy, clearer skin or long, voluminous hair? We all do! But, what you might be questioning is the effectiveness of these supplements. Do they really work? Today, we’re going to share our favorite healthy hair supplements that actually boost the health of your hair and share some foods to incorporate into your diet to make your hair go from limp to luscious!

Best Vitamins and Supplements for Healthy Hair

We’ve all seen the little blue gummy bears that magically make your hair grow inches in weeks. Supplements can get a bad wrap when their appearance resembles a sweet treat, but the fact of the matter is there are some great vitamins and minerals out there to add to your daily regime that can help transform your dull dreads into silky, shiny hair goals.

Biotin. Probably the most well known and popular of the healthy hair supplements. A deficiency in this essential vitamin can lead to brittle, thinning hair. Biotin can be taken in pill or tablet form or by using a biotin enriched hair product, like shampoos and conditioners.

Omega 3 supplements help with dry, brittle hair, reducing hair loss and boosting hair density, making your hair thicker and shinier.

Vitamin A is essential for a healthy scalp, which in turns leads to healthy hair. It can also help stimulate hair growth.

Zinc. A deficiency in this important mineral can cause hair loss. Supplementing with zinc can promote hair follicle development and prevent brittle hair.

Eat Your Way to Healthier Hair

If you’re someone who forgets to take their daily biotin supplement, there are some healthy foods out there that you can incorporate into your diet for lovely locks. All of these foods promote hair growth, prevent breakage and nourish your hair follicles.

Eggs are packed with protein and iron, both of which are great for hair health. Add this breakfast staple to your arsenal and you’ll be sure to have lustrous locks in no time!

Spinach is a great source of iron and vitamin A. Iron has been linked to hair loss so make sure to indulge in a serving of these leafy greens.

Fatty fish like salmon, anchovies and albacore tuna are all great sources of essential fatty acids. These EFA’s can increase hair growth and make your hair shiny and strong.

So, whether you’re someone who supplements with spinach or vitamin A, helping your hair has never been easier by adding these essentials into your diet. Remember, strong, healthy hair starts from within!

james White