Hair Brush 101

Your Hair’s Best Friend

With all the fancy hair tools you can add to your beauty arsenal, (we’re looking at you Dyson hair care products) hair brushes may be at the bottom of your wishlist. But, what you may not realize is that simple brush that sits atop your bathroom counter is a beauty tool must have! It’s a product that’s used daily; it can help tame tangles, add volume, smooth flyaways and even add shine to your tresses. With all the different options out there, you’re probably left wondering: “What’s the best brush for your hair type?” We’re here to shed some light on the different kinds of brushes so you can have your best hair day everyday!

Natural Vs. Synthetic

Brushes are generally categorized under these two groups, depending on what their bristles are made of. Natural bristles, also known as boar bristles, are exactly what they sound like; bristles made from the hair of a boar. Synthetic bristle brushes are typically made from nylon or plastic. Synthetic bristles tend to be stiffer than boar bristles so these brushes work best for thick or coarse hair. They detangle hair easily without tugging or snagging for pain-free brushing. Best for quick drying damp hair and creating voluminous blowouts! Boar bristle brushes are great for someone with fine, straight hair because the bristles are softer. The natural bristles gently stimulate the scalp and help redistribute oils from root to ends for shiny, sleek hair. They also minimize breakage, reduce frizz and prevent dreaded static!

Round, Detangling & More

Once you know the best bristle for your hair type, it’s time to dive into the different shapes and sizes of hair brushes to achieve the style you’re going for! Round brushes are the quintessential brush for blow drying. Perfect for someone who wants volume, shine and fullness. Paddle brushes are great for detangling hair and creating smooth styles. This can be everyone’s go-to brush as it’s ideal for any hair type! Detangling brushes work great on wet or dry hair and their bristles are gentle enough to prevent snagging and breakage. Vented hair brushes are great for speeding up your blow dry time since they have spaces or “vents” for the air to flow.

Now you know which brush is best for your hair type and why you need it in your life! This simple bathroom counter beauty tool now has a whole new meaning and reigns supreme in the hair tool hierarchy!

james White