Creating Natural Waves

The summer season always sees a popular look returning to hairstyles. Natural waves are a great, easy and carefree style that will last the whole day and into the evening too. Whether you have shoulder length hair or long locks, natural waves will suit everyone.

Today, I am sharing with you some tips for achieving this style which will keep your hair looking great all summer long. 

Firstly, using a good heat protective spray will keep your waves looking soft and silky instead of dry and frazzled. Try to use this regularly when heat styling your hair.

Using some of our sea salt styling spray will help to give your hair a textured look and some grip when adding in your curls. 

To provide a natural look to your waves, my secret tip is to add plenty of different sized curls. Sectioning your hair off into different sized strands before curling with a wand or iron will give you a natural look. 

Once you have added your curls you can decide whether they need further loosening. You can do this by pulling out the curls with your fingertips and a little styling product. If you need to loosen the curls further you can give them a quick blast with a hairdryer or diffuser.

I hope you enjoy practising your perfect natural waves! 

james White