The Italian Job - Photo Shoot

Karen at Darby and Joan, along with her dream team, came together and created this amazing masterpiece, I was very exited to have been involved with the hair!

As you know, Karen doesn't do things in half measures, and so planned not one but two stunning looks. One is a fun, Kate Spade inspire striped affair with bold drops of navy and coral. The other a rustic, glamorous Tuscan inspired style, where the simplicity just oozed sophistication. Both looks were drop dead gorgeous, and we had models, dresses, hair, and styling to match! 

The setting for the shoot was to be Amalfi White, a stunning Italian restaurant and wedding venue in Melbourne. The amount of effort and the creativity of everyone involved was a wonderful thing to behold… cakes, flowers, hair and make-up, props, a Daimler, a Vespa, a giant light-up heart and Timeless Couture’s new collection of gowns…. I’ll let the images speak for themselves...

james White