NYFW Fast Approaching

So............New York Fashion Week fast approaching and I cannot wait to fly out again in September.  

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February 2018 I was very honoured to grab the opportunity to be working back stage creating hair looks for different fashion houses. I had an amazing time and will always be grateful to have worked with some fabulous professionals and was lucky enough to have worked with a great team of hairdressers led by Matthew Curtis.

I always love to keep a close eye on this iconic fashion event to see what new styles and trends will be appearing, so to be a part of something that leads the way from a design and styling perspective was incredible.

In September I am set to be working back stage with different teams this season, led by different hairdressers to create lots of different looks for a variety of fashion houses. The schedule is being finalised as we speak...

I am looking forward to this season and I cannot wait to see what that experience will hold.  

james White