Hair Care Products

Whilst I put a lot of importance on the visits you make to the salon to keep your hair in great condition, I am also keen to make sure that your hair is well looked after in-between. 

When first setting up my salon I knew that at some point I would launch my own hair care range. Something that I could pour all of my knowledge and experience into. With these products I also needed to ensure my clients were getting the best results from their haircare routine at home. 

I am so pleased to now have a great range of shampoo, conditioner and styling products available to my clients, both in the shop and online. We have everything you need from hair cleaning and styling to taking care of your hair. These products are also used on all of my salon and bridal clients too. 

As well as styling products, I also stock a whole range of styling tools which are now available in the salon. These have been tried and tested and are the same tools that I use on my clients in the salon and also when I am creating bridal styling too. 

If you would like any more information about both the styling products and tools available from James White Hair, just get in touch or ask me during your next appointment, 

james White