An Adventure in New York

So, I took to New York on Saturday 8th September and arrived with many shows in front of me. I got to work alongside Matthew Curtis, absolute legend and really enjoyed being on his team. 

I had the pleasure of meeting and styling the hair for Lady Victoria Hervey ahead of her own fashion show 'Ladyship Swim'. 

This trip, in a positive way and put my through my paces and I have learned alot from lots of different talented hairdressers from around the world within the industry.

Other designers I worked; Christopher Lowman, JNBY, CY YAO, Agatha Ruiz De La Prada, Rebecca de Ravenel, Miaou.

Recent work from New York Fashion Week published in Vogue.


The calm before the storm at JNBY Show.. 

Roll on February for the next season... 

james White